New Persona 5 Announcement Teased For April, And It's Not P5R

Atlus, the developer of the famous film Persona 5, announced that it would reveal something related to the title on April 25. A website confirming the date of disclosure has been posted online, but there is no indication of what the study will say. about. However, the website has an intriguing "P5S" in its URL.

Atlus has already announced a new version of the RPG for PS4 called Persona 5 The Royal, but it has its own website with "P5R" in the URL. This suggests that P5S is something distinct from Persona 5 The Royale of PS4. Much of the speculation about what could have been around a version of Nintendo Switch from Persona 5, and the "S" in the URL, definitely fuels this fire.

To date, Persona 5 is only available on PlayStation hardware. However, with the PS4 version, there is a PS3 version, which could be suitable for porting on the switch. In addition, Atlus and Nintendo are already working together to bring Joker, the protagonist of Persona 5, to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as downloadable content.

In February, Nintendo confirmed working on the update 3.0 of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but did not specify what that would include. Nintendo added that Joker would be available for the game before the end of April. In this context, the use of "1 More" on the website could also be important. In Person 5, the phrase is used when a player has the opportunity to make an extra bonus move. Anyway, we'll know about it later this month.

Person 5 was launched in March 2017 and received a 9/10 GameSpot. In her article on Persona 5, Lucy James said, "In Persona 5, there is a complex set of interconnected game mechanics and, in almost every aspect, Atlus has performed its vision exceptionally well, with the exception of of rhythm that occurred at the end. "

He added: "It's full of game ideas and the presentation flourishes: there is an impressive artistic level in every part of Persona 5, making it a truly exceptional entry into the series, a refined RPG and effortlessly we will talk about the next few years. "

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