Google+ officially dies, a social network that will not be missed

Google has finally started to end its social network called Google+. Google will remove all customer accounts from its platform and kills all of its accounts as part of its spring 2019 cleanup. The tech giant has decided to close Google+ due to newly discovered security vulnerabilities and 'low use.

One of the security errors reported a few months ago had revealed millions of Google + users to external developers. That's why Google decided to disconnect the platform.
The process of removing full Google+ accounts will take a few months because content removal will include videos and photos from Google+ files. Google had decided to end Google+ in October 2018 because the level of engagement of its users was low. The decision to remove Google+ was due to a flaw in the design of the software that exposed private data from certain users to external developers, including other professions such as age, gender, and email address.
The flaw existed since 2015 and could have affected up to five million Google+ accounts. Google launched the social media platform in June 2011. Recently, Google has also canceled its email application called Inbox and the company has integrated some features of the inbox into Gmail. In addition to the inbox and Google+, the company has also deployed its messaging platform called Google Allo and Google's URL Reduction Tool.

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