The best scorers of all time in La Liga: Top 10

There was a time when the records of the League represented centuries thanks to the exploits of legends of the mid-twentieth century. The Spanish league took its time to gain ground, but once established, it stormed Europe and there were many eras of domination. It is not surprising then that the Spanish clubs have won the Champions League 16 times and also finished as runners-up 11 times.

Along the way, several players tried to break the record for most goals scored in La Liga. It was a record, they seemed to pass the test of time before the winners of the Golden Ball series, Lionel Messi Cristiano Ronaldo changed football in Spain forever.

We look at the top 10 scorers of all time in the league.


10) Edmundo Suárez – 195 goals


Affectionately called Mundo, Edmundo Suárez was a Valencian legend that defined the role of the physical center forward. However, the world has been deprived of the opportunity to see it at best thanks to the Spanish Civil War.

Originally a player of Athletic Bilbao, his contract was considered null and void by the regime of General Franco and finally moved to Valencia, where he would play the next 11 years. And that's where he scored almost one goal per game (.91), winning the Pichichi Award as the season's top scorer in recent years.

He would take Los Che to three league titles and two Copa del Rey titles before leaving the club to play a season on the CD Alcoyano. Suarez was one of the best Spanish players at the time and the fact that most countries refused to play at that time limited his international presence to three games for La Furia Roja.

9) Pahiño – 210 goals

Despite several seasons in Spain, Manuel Fernández Fernández (alias Pahiño) still managed to score enough goals to be in the top 10. Twelve seasons in the highest category of the league saw him represent Celta Vigo, the Real Madrid and Deportivo before finishing his career in Granada in the second division.

In the 11 consecutive seasons in high flying, he averaged just over 21 goals per season, never scored less than 14 goals in a season and 35 goals for Los Blancos at the 1951/52 season.

Pahiño was another physical attacker able to shoot well with both feet. He was also strong in the air and a committed player. He also won the Pichichi twice, once each with Celta Vigo and Real Madrid. It was only the arrival of Alfredo Di Stefano who saw him lose his size in the side.

Legend has it that he had already played a game despite a fracture of the fibula (calf bone) in the 40th minute. Celta Vigo won 4-1 and reports say that at the end of the match, the fibula touched the sole of the foot!


8) Quini – 219 goals

Enrique Castro González (aka Quini) has won the Pichichi Prize five times in the Liga, three times with Sporting Gijón and twice with Barcelona. However, it is in Gijón that he became known and established himself as one of the best attackers of his time in Spain.

In Gijón, he still managed to score double-digit records every season, even winning the Don Bola Award for the best Spanish player in 1978/1979, but it was only after his move to Barcelona that he began to win trophies. He managed to win two Copa del Rey titles and a UEFA Cup Winners' Cup with Barcelona. Although he joined at the age of 31, he still scored goals while having fun in his first two seasons.

Quini almost won the La Liga title once with Barcelona, but was kidnapped and held for 25 days during a crucial period of the title race, where Barça scored just one point in four games . However, he was released safe and sound shortly after leaving the title race.

7) César Rodríguez Álvarez – 223 goals

César's career lasted 19 years, including 13 seasons in Barcelona. Although he won the Pichichi only once in his career, he was the club's top scorer for several decades.

Although he signed with Barcelona, he was forced to apply for a loan in Granada when he was sent to Andalusia for military service. But when he came back, he had not looked back. He scored two figures in 11 seasons at Barça and won five Liga titles in the late '40s and early fifties.

He was part of the team that also had players like László Kubala in training. After moving to Leonesa, culture and sport, never play in the high-end Spanish. When he retired, he was fourth on the league's scorer list.


6) Alfredo Di Stéfano – 227 goals



When conversations revolve around the best players of all time, Alfredo Di Stefano is mentioned at the same time as others, such as Pelé and his compatriot Diego Maradona (although he also played for Colombia and Spain) . It was his arrival in Madrid that initiated an era of domination in Spain and Europe.

When creating the European Cup, Di Stefano led Real Madrid to the top five European titles between 1955/56 and 1959/60, scoring goals in each final (seven in total). He also has eight league titles to his credit and has won the Pichichi Trophy five times.

With an average of nearly 28 goals per season, Di Stefano was a formidable forward and probably one of the most accomplished players of all time. However, he almost played for Barcelona when he moved to Spain. It was only after the intervention of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) that the transfer of his transfer was not legal when Real Madrid came on the scene.

The conspiracy theorists even claimed that General Franco intervened to take Di Stefano to Madrid, but that he had not yet demonstrated it.

5) Raúl González – 228 goals


It is safe to say that Real Madrid's signing for Madrid's Atletico's young hopeful, Raul, has been one of the biggest successes of the modern league. Born and raised in Madrid, at the closing of the Atletico Academy, with a shortage of money, he saw him change his white shirt and red for a white shirt and then undertake a trip that would seal his legendary status in Spain.

In 16 seasons at Real Madrid, Raúl has won six La Liga titles and three Champions League trophies. Along the way, he also set the record for the most matches on a Madrid jersey with 741 games (550 in La Liga - another club record).

With his iconic shirt no. 7, Raul could lead the line or play as support ahead. Nicknamed El Ferrari for his elegance and grace on the field, Raul has never received a red card in his career, proudly wearing the captain's armband for seven seasons until his departure. 

4) Hugo Sánchez – 234 goals


The striker is one of the best players in Mexican history and has played most of his career at Atlético de Madrid and rival Real Madrid. He won five Pichichi Trophies between 1985 and 1990 and twice won the Don Balon Award for the best foreign player in the league.

An avant-garde sports center, his training in gymnastics allowed him to perform extravagant movements on the field and was an expert in kicking the bike. Even the celebration of his goal included a somersault and a first bomb dedicated to his sister who had participated in the 1976 Olympic Games.

According to FIFA, Sanchez is also the pioneer of the "Scorpion Kick", practicing the movement several times in training, although he never had the opportunity to perform in an official match .

3) Telmo Zarra – 251 goals


Former top scorer in the league in 59 years, Telmo Zarra may have lost first place in recent years. However, he still holds the record for the most Pichichi awards in the league with six wins between 1944/45 and 1952/53.

After having played his entire career as a rider at Athletic Bilbao, Telmo Zarraonandía Montoya still holds the record for the most goals in the Copa del Rey with 81 goals. Although he won five Copa del Rey titles with the club, he won the championship only once in 1943.

He might have scored more goals if he had not been invited to do his military service for a while during the 1941/42 season. However, his achievements have not gone unnoticed and the trophy of the Spanish players with the greatest number of goals in the league all seasons is called Zarra Trophy, awarded for the first time in 2006 to David Villa. 

2) Cristiano Ronaldo – 274* goals

The Portuguese striker had already consolidated his place among the greats when he moved to Manchester United before his world record at Real Madrid in 2009. And once he wore the immaculate white shirt, he never turned.

Breaking the records to the left, right and center, Ronaldo is the only player in the top 10 to have scored more than one goal per game. Raul was Real Madrid's top scorer for a while and Ronaldo overshadowed the record in half of the matches.

Ronaldo has won the Pichichi Prize three times in the Liga in a difficult competition with Lionel Messi and, more recently, Luis Suarez. Real Madrid's obsession with winning their tenth title in the Champions League convinced them to spend 80 million pounds sterling and became a reality when they won their tenth and later eleventh titles.

1) Lionel Messi – 329* goals

With almost a four-year lead over Ronaldo, Lionel Messi's record can pass the test of time after he hangs up. Ronaldo is getting older and Messi is still two years old with no signs of slowing down.

The most talented footballer of the generation, Messi, has already won the league eight times and the Champions League four times. And he is also tied with Ronaldo with three Pichichis in his name.

It was Pep Guardiola who turned him into a beast in nine false roles when Barcelona beat Real Madrid 6-2. Since then, Messi has set one record after another that the sport can now be divided into two different eras: before Messi and after Messi.

You can finish your career as the all-time leading scorer, but you'll be one of the best to grace the pack.


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