Netflix Originals Coming to Netflix in April 2019

April should be another busy month for Netflix because we have more originals on the way! Here is a complete overview of all the original Netflix movies and TV series that will be released at this time in April 2019.

Netflix has big plans for 2019 with an astonishing number of movies and TV shows to be released throughout the year. We calculated that more than 80 films and at least 150 new and old television series will arrive in 2019.

This article will cover all Netflix originals planned from April 2019. We hope that the complete list of the April 2019 version will be available by the end of March 2019, which already has its full launch schedule.



Ultraman (Season 1)

Release date: April 1st

Ultraman is Netflix's next original anime based on the classic Tokusatsu character from 1960 bearing the same name. As a continuation of the 1960 series, Ultraman's original son assumes the role of "giant of light". Given Ultraman's impact on pop culture in Japan, Netflix decided to acquire the still popular hero.

Many years have passed since the events of the first Ultraman. Now, perceived as a memory, the legendary "Giant of Light" is believed to have left Earth and returned to its home planet. Shinjiro Hayata discovers that his father was the ultraman. Taking his father's coat, Shinjiro becomes the new Ultraman of the earth.


Kevin Hart: Irresponsible (Standing Comedy)

Release date: April 2nd.

Kevin Hart was recently in fashion with a series of controversies that could explain the lack of promotion in his February series on Netflix.

In time to be a healer, Netflix will soon launch (with a little more promotion) his tour with tickets sold to Netflix. This specific show was shot from the O2 in London.


Sabrina's Creepy Adventures (Part 2)

Release date: April 5th.

Chilling Adventures has quickly become one of the jewels of Netflix in its broadcast crown. The elegant and easily observable series reached Halloween 2018 with a Christmas episode that arrived a month later. We must now wait for the second part, which will include 10 new episodes.

For the future, the program is already green for a second full season, which means we will probably have the third part later in 2019, with the fourth part coming out in 2020.


Our planet (limited series)

Release date: April 5th

From the team that brought you Blue Planet, we present Netflix's latest original documentary, Our Planet. You can expect incredible and beautiful images as the team captures some of the most exotic and exciting shots imaginable. Not to mention that the series is also told by the wonderful voice of David Attenborough.


Quicksand (season 1)

Release date: April 5th.

 It will be a year of waiting for the first season of Quicksand on Netflix. This series comes from Sweden and is a criminal drama based on the 2016 novel of the same name.

The series is based on a shooting in a school and the murderer who allegedly committed the atrocity. She will be on trial for murder, but did she? 


Roman Empire (Season 3)

Release date: April 5th.

The Roman Empire returns only 9 months after the end of season 2 last summer. The series of historical anthologies merges documentary elements with a televised drama that addresses different Roman emperors.

In addition to its release date, no news has been announced yet, but if you have not yet had the opportunity to see the Canada-US production, this is your chance to catch up.


Spirit Riding Free (Season 8)

Release date: April 5th.

Two Dreamworks series will be on sale on Netflix in April and Spirit Riding Free will join Voltron as the longest Dreamworks series on Netflix.

For those who are not initiated, the series is based on the Oscar-nominated 2002 film, which sees a group of girls venturing out with their horses.


Unicorn Store (Movie)

Release date: April 5th.

Brie Larson will appear in two large photographs over the coming months, which obviously includes Captain Marvel, but also in her first film as a director in the comedy Unicorn Store.

Next to Brie will be Samuel L. Jackson, who is also in Captain Marvel. The film is a bit like Adam Sandler's Click, where Kit (played by Larson) receives a mysterious invitation to fulfill his childhood dreams.


Trolls: the rhythm continues! (Season 6)

Release date: April 9

The second series of Dreamworks that will be released on Netflix in April is Trolls' next season: The Beat Goes On! Greedy fans will know that it's been a short time since season 5.

The musical series is based on the film of the same name several years ago.


Special (Season 1)

Release date: April 12

With a similar audience to Atypical, this is a new comedy with sponsors such as Jim Parsons. The series seeks to convert the autobiography of Ryan O'Connell, who suffers from cerebral palsy into a humorous comedy with Ryan, protagonist and involved in writing.

In total, there will be eight episodes falling on April 12th.


No Good Nick (Season 1)

Release date: April 15th.


This new comedy comedy with names such as Sean Astin, Siena Agudong, Lauren Donzis and Kalama Epstein should be on everyone's lips, especially those looking for something to do now that Fuller House is coming to an end.

We have a lot more about the season 1 of No Good Nick in our preview.


Rilakkuma and Kaoru (Season 1)

Release date: April 19th.


Similar to Hello Kitty's influence in Japan, Rilakkuma was created in the early 2000s by Aki Kondo and produced by San-X. His creation took place when the company asked his staff to create a "cute" character per month. Aki Kondo wanted to have a pet, but because of his busy schedule he could not. Rilakkuma is the embodiment of this desire.

Rilakkuma is a teddy bear who loves food. He likes pancakes, rice, tortillas and pudding. He lives with his cub Korilakkuma and his friend Karou (the owner of the apartment in which he lives), his pet, Kiiroitori.


Someone of great (movie)

Release date: April 19th 

It will be the debut as a director of Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, who served as a writer at "Sweet / Vicious".

The romantic comedy will talk about a woman escaping from everything in a rebound with her two best friends. Rosario Dawson, Brittany Snow and Gina Rodriguez star.


Selection day (2nd part)

Release date: April 22nd.


The Day selection was one of the last Netflix Original series released in 2018 and was a huge success. With the second half in April, many fans can not wait to see how the Kumar brothers' story ends.

The brothers Radha and Manju have always been offered their destiny by their affectionate father, cricket. By training them to become the next pair of hitters, their father takes them to Mumbai, where the two brothers will compete to play the national team in the national leagues.


She-Ra and the Princess of Power (Season 2)


The first season of She-Ra's recovery came out just before the close of 2018 and, fortunately, the renewal and exit date was fast.

Unfortunately, it is only now that you can see the original Netflix series since the original She-Ra and He-Man series have been eliminated.

What Netflix Original are you going to see in april? Let us know in the comments below!

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