Google Drive has been updated with Material Design on iOS and Android

Google has extended its appearance from Material Design to its Drive service, making it easier to use on mobile devices.

Google Drive or GDrive for iOS and Android now offers a cleaner, simpler look after the update.

According to his official blog, with the redesign of the material, Google Drive now offers a series of new ingenious features that facilitate collaboration via files in Drive on mobile devices.

Some of the enhancements include a new Home tab that displays files based on the last time you accessed or changed, frequent shared resources, files used at specific times of the day. There is also a new navigation bar at the bottom that allows you to switch between Start, Highlights, Shared Files and all files, allowing quick access.

While iOS users have already begun to see the redesign, Android users will have to wait until March 18, 2019 to get the updated version.

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