Apple CEO Tim Cook changes his name on Twitter to "Tim Apple"

One day after Trump mistakenly called Cook at a White House meeting like "Tim Apple", Cook quietly changed his Twitter profile, replacing his last name with the Apple logo.

For President Donald Trump, it was an awkward slide of the lip. For Apple CEO Tim Cook, it was an opportunity to make fun of a president who often ran into the technology industry.

A day later, Trump mistakenly called Cook, in a meeting at the White House, "Tim Apple," an understandable shift from the owner of the Trump organization. the Apple logo.

Cook has not publicly acknowledged the change, but Apple fans have been quick to notice and let it know.

Non-Apple fans, however, may not understand the joke. The cook's Apple logo icon is visible only on iPhones and Mac computers. In Windows, it's a blank square; on Android, it renders variously as an X-ed out or blank gray rectangle. ("Tim Square" was probably not the connotation sought by the CEO of Apple).

This is not surprising for Apple, which, as we know, prefers its own peripherals and software to others. Apple did not answer a question about the false step of the logo (if it was a false step).

The White House, meanwhile, seems to be involved in some damage checks. In the official transcript of the meeting, the words "Tim" and "Apple" are separated by a hyphen as if Trump had stopped, probably to thank both the leader and the company.

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