Top 5 Best PS4 games in 2019

2019 is one of the best years for the gaming community, which means new game versions, announcements of new games and more to be explored about the player community.

Once again, PlayStation has been able to conquer the heart of the community of gaming, thanks to its exclusives dice like God of War 4. In 2018, we heard about new IP and exclusive games for PlayStation in 2019.

Today, we have selected some of the best games, which will be integrated into PlayStation systems in 2019 or later. So, without further ado, let's see the list of the 5 best games on PS4 of 2019.


1. Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima is an action-adventure video game developed by a sucker, the same developers that brought you the Infamous series. Like its previous games, Ghost of Tsushima features phenomenal graphics and a unique game design.

Although this is a new IP address, the game is very successful in attracting the attention of the player community. The short gameplay video revealed at E3 2018 was simply amazing. If you've seen the gameplay trailer, you certainly know why this game is on the list of the top 5 games in 2019.

Release Date: TBC 

Genre: Action / Adventure 

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment 

Developer: Sucker Punch Productions

2. The Last of Us Part II


Last of Us Part II is a direct sequel to the acclaimed action and adventure title 2013 "The Last of Us", which was also the game of the year. The new game of the series will focus on Ellie as the main character and we could also play the role of Joel.

All aspects of the first game, whether history, game, characters or the smallest detail, played an important role in making the first game a masterpiece. This makes The Last of Us Part II one of the most anticipated titles. Also, if you have not played the first game yet, you must play it before the release of Last of Us Part II.

Release Date: End Of 2019

Genre: Action / Adventure , Survival horror

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Developer: Naughty Dog

 3. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice


Sekiro Shadows Die Twice is a new IP from the developers of Souls Software series. The new action and adventure game takes place at the end of the Sengoku period, which means that there are no more knights, clerics, ancient characters or soul characters. This time, the game will be based more on the story while having the souls game touch.

Release Date: 22 March 2019

Genre: Action / Adventure 

Publisher: Activision JP: FromSoftware

Developer: FromSoftware



4. Days Gone


Days Gone is a horror and survival action game developed by the new SIE Bend Studios. The game takes place two years after a world civilization overwhelmed by a pandemic has turned millions into mindless zombies known as ‘Freakers.’

They are fast, relentless and perhaps unstoppable. The post-apocalyptic world of Days Gone is explored with the eyes of Deacon St. John, the main protagonist. Days Gone can already be considered a great game, because we have a lot of games and a guided tour of the game during the first hours, which shows how unique this game will be.

What really excited me in Days Gone is the new zombies and the bike. Exploring a dangerous post-apocalyptic world full of zombies, similar to the zombies of World War Z, is quite exciting.

Release Date: April 26, 2019

Genre: Action / Adventure 

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Developer: SIE Bend Studio



5. Code Vein

Code Vein is an upcoming action game inspired by the Souls series developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Code Vein is also a post-apocalyptic game that has a vampire theme. Like other Bandai Namco Entertainment games, Code Vein also has anime-like graphics and smooth game mechanics.

Release Date: 2019 

Genre: Action / Role Playing Game (RPG)

Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment

Developer: Bandai Namco Studios

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  1. Great list. Glad to see The Last of Us Part II up there.