The Most Awaited TV Shows of 2019

What is there for television in 2019? Can Netflix stay on the recently established production scale? We still have to find out.

However, one thing is certain, this year we will experience the repository of bold ideas and innovative stories with great creative strength. While we appreciate the limited time of our beloved series, we need to adopt new on-screen programs that we hope will last for decades.

With no shortage of television programs in 2019, these programs are among the most anticipated television series of this year.

5. Good Omen

The first project created for Amazon by Neil Gaiman is a six-part series based on the 1990 novel co-authored with Terry Pratchett.

The genre dubbing series featuring David Tennant and Michael Sheen as demon and angel, respectively, and working together to try to stop the apocalypse, draws public attention.

4. What We Do in the Shadows

The mockumentary adaptation of 2014 with a trio of vampires that has existed for centuries balances the comical moments of those who still struggle to adapt to life with the darkest reality of their bloodlust.

The film has many followers, but Clement and Waititi are not ready to play in the version of the series, so some of the intrigues come from unknown aspects. The half-hour comedy is nurtured by lovingly mocking the very creatures that have caused so much fear, just recently, so much public lust, making it an ideal idea of classic characters.

3. Black Monday


The showtime series, "Black Monday," brings the public to October 19, 1987, the biggest stock market crash of the day, also known as Black Monday, and follows an eclectic and enterprising group of Wall Street who faces the good boys club and eventually collapse to the world's largest financial system. 

2. Stranger Things 3

The third season of Netflix Stranger Things was completely dead even before the second season fell into a widespread hysteria in October 2017 and the company formalized it at the end of last year. Since then, viewers have been waiting patiently for upcoming release.

1. Game of Thrones

Who knows what winter will bring to Starks, Lannisters, and Targaryens, but the excitement of launching the last season of Game of Thrones makes it certainly the most anticipated television series of 2019.

Just months before the launch of the last Game of Thrones season, the curiosity to know who will sit on the iron throne increases dramatically.

With the launch of old and new TV programs, 2019 will surely be another year for a big watch.

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