PUBG Mobile Zombies Mode Release Date Is February 19

The release date of Zombies mode of PUBG Mobile is February 19 as part of the update 0.11.0. The game maintenance will take place on February 18th. In addition, the advanced BC to UC conversion feature, as well as the PUBG Mobile Prime and Prime Plus subscriptions, will omit this update from PUBG Mobile, which seems to be focused directly on the Zombie mode, which is a temporary inclusion of the game. In addition, the G63C weapon can not be added to this update either, although it may be available when killing bots in the Vikendi snow map.

All these details come from serial PUBG Mobile leaker Mr. Ghost Gaming, the broadcaster of PUBG Mobile. Earlier, he said that the update of PUBG Mobile 0.11.0, which includes the zombie mode, would take place from February 15 to 20, and this latest information proves it. However, he also cautions that Tencent has not yet made an official announcement and that, therefore, this could change. It will be interesting to see if this is the case as Ghost Gaming has had a solid track record in the past. That's what you can do with the PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 update with zombie mode.

PUBG Mobile Zombies Mode 0.11.0 Update

  • Tukshai for the Sanhok map
  • New snow zone on Erangel's map.
  • New dynamic climate on the map of Miramar and Erangel.
  • New death camera function to show you a repeat of your death
  • Zombie modes
  • MK 47 mutant rifle
  • Sight for laser weapons
  • Snow bike for Vikendi New dance emotes.
  • Classical voices.
  • PUBG Vikendi snow map removed from beta 

That said, the PUBG zombie mode of the 0.11.0 update is a pleasure to play as we discovered in the beta. Most of the time, we turn to PUBG Mobile's group feature, which associates us with three other players to increase our chances of survival. Indeed, as a squadron of four, it is much easier to kill more resistant monsters like the Tyrant, which, in our experience, can soak a lot of damage.

At the same time, the presence of other friendly players facilitates the surveillance of opportunistic human opponents who seek to kill those of us distracted by zombies.

This combination of PUBG's game mechanics in the real battle of shooting, looting and gelled execution goes well with the zombies of Resident Evil 2. The pace of play is busy despite the small number of players, which you Forced to be more cautious than it surrounds you because of multiple threats to the game.

When it finally reaches all the devices, it will be worth watching this mode with friends, which could allow us to unmute other players in order to coordinate even better.

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