Safer Internet Day: Google’s tips for staying safe online and securing your account

On this Safer Internet Day, Google encourages users to take the necessary steps to stay safe online, including protecting your phone and Google Account.
Today, February 5, 2019 is the safest Internet day. Google reminds users of the need to protect their account online and stay safe while surfing the web. The search engine giant recommends several measures to stay safe onlin.

Google encourages users to protect their phone, protect their data and protect their account, so they stay safe online. Here are three simple steps for the three tasks that Google encourages users to do as part of their "Safer Internet" campaign. 

How to secure your Android phone

For Android users, the safest place to download apps is the Google Play Store. All Android devices come with the Google Play Protect service and the Google Play store. This service protects phones by scanning more than 50 billion applications daily, identifying potentially harmful applications and protecting them from devices, or even eliminating them.

Google also recommends users to keep their screen secure with a unique password. This ensures that if you leave your device in error, your personal data remains safe. Do not rely solely on biometrics to secure the phone.

How to secure your data from third-party apps

Third-party applications often require access to location, contacts, camera, microphone, and storage. While some applications require specific access to function properly, others require access without visible use.

It is best to allow access to the functions necessary for the operation of a third-party application and nothing else. Users can check the access they have already granted to applications.

Google indicates that Android users can access Settings> Apps & Notifications> Advanced> Application Permissions to view granted permissions.

How to secure your Google account

Securing the Google Account is a necessary action because several services such as Gmail, Docs, and Drive are connected to it. It is recommended that you occasionally do a "Health Check" from your Google Account. Google is asking users to perform a security check of their accounts today and also to users on the desktop.

On a desktop computer, you can access the Google Account> Run Security Check.

On your mobile, you must visit your Gmail app, tap the Menu icon> Settings> Touch ID> Manage your Google Account> Run Security Check. Or you can simply visit to perform the security check.

Google Security Checkup provides users with customizable and applicable security recommendations that enhance account security. Ideally, users must enable 2-step verification to protect their Google Account.

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