Google warns of new Android vulnerability that exposes your phone using a PNG file

In this era of privacy issues around the world, it has become increasingly important to know online security. Hackers are always looking to steal your data and, compared to that, Google announced the discovery of an error that could affect Android smartphones using malicious PNG files.

The problem was first made public in the Google Android security bulletin, which indicated that a major flaw in the operating system could allow a hacker to execute unauthorized code on their device using a special type of PNG file that at first sight seems harmless.

Google has reported this problem to all its Android partners one month before the launch of this report. The company also stated that it was not exposed to exploitation or abuse by its customers for this malware.


Since then, this vulnerability has been corrected and Android users can now breathe easily. However, people who use third-party Android devices should keep up with the latest Android updates, as they may take months to arrive.

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