Google Maps introduces the Follow button in the iOS app to keep users informed of their favorite places.

Google has launched the "Follow" button of its Google Maps application in the iOS operating system. This will allow iPhone users to stay up-to-date on their favorite places with the app. The announcement was made via a blog. It should be noted that the feature was introduced on Android in October of last year. With this, Google Maps users can search for recently opened restaurants and track upcoming sales in their favorite stores.

Google's Android blog, Product Manage, Google Maps, said: "Starting this week, you'll be able to stay up-to-date in your favorite places right from the Google Maps app on iOS. Whether it's a new restaurant that's just opened in your neighborhood or at the bakery, try out the whole city and hit the Follow button, and you'll be able to see important updates to these places in the city. the "For you" tab to quickly find out about future Offers and more events. "The Continue button has already started running on iOS.

Google also announced that sites and businesses around the world can see their subscribers in the Google My Business app. With this, they can also inform their subscribers by actively publishing useful information about the platform.

Google tests AR navigation for Google Maps

Earlier this month, it was reported that Google was using an augmented reality navigation system for the Google Maps. According to this, the company tests the function with a small group of local guides. The AR-based navigation system uses the smartphone's camera, also called Google Lens, to give instructions. This mainly means that Google Maps combines Street View and Maps data with the smartphone camera for easier and more efficient navigation. It is claimed that this feature provides better navigation and identification of nearby places.

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