Google deletes 29 'beauty camera' apps that were stealing users' information

SAN FRANCISCO: Google has removed 29 malicious applications from "beauty cameras" application from google play store that shared pornographic content and redirected users, especially in India, to phishing websites to steal their information.
Some of these Android applications have been downloaded millions of times and a lot of downloads have been made in Asia, particularly in India, according to a report by US cybersecurity company Trend Micro.

Google has removed the applications now from Play Store.
"A user who downloads one of these applications will not immediately suspect that there is a problem, until they decide to remove the application," said Trend Micro.
All the 29 malicious application will include multiple full-screen ads which appear when user is online on the application and when users unlock their devices, including malicious ads (such as fraudulent content and pornography) that will appear in the user's browser. 
"In our analysis, we found a paid online pornography player which was downloaded by clicking on the pop-up window," the report added.
None of these applications indicate that they belonged to advertising, so users may have trouble finding out where they come from.

Some of these applications have been redirected to phishing websites that ask the user for personal information, such as addresses and phone numbers.
For example, the package will create a shortcut after it starts, however, it will hide its icon in the application list, which will make it more difficult for users to uninstall the application because they will not be able to drag and delete it, "said Trend Micro.
In addition, camera applications used packers to prevent them from being analysed.

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