Gmail Right-Click Menu Getting Useful New Options, Starting With G Suite Users

Over the years, Google has made Gmail an extremely powerful messaging tool that is one of the most popular email clients in the world. Although it started much more simply, the company has constantly improved it to add more features and capabilities. The last addition is changed in the context menu, which now brings more useful options to the mailbox. The feature will initially be launched for G Suite users. It could also reach the usual Gmail users.

The new options will allow users to perform a variety of functions simply by right-clicking an email or conversation. The options differ slightly depending on whether the chat mode is on or off, but it covers many key features. These include: reply, return, search for e-mails from the same sender or the same subject, move the e-mail to a specific label, and open the e-mail in a new window.

According to a Google article, all users of G Suite will have access to this feature in the coming weeks. It is likely that the feature was fully implemented for all users by February 25th. No administrator action is required to activate the feature. It will be enabled by default. End users can use the function simply by right-clicking on a conversation or mail to get the new options.

As is often the case with new Gmail features, this set will probably be used by regular Gmail users in the coming weeks. This should allow users to save time and action on emails, which currently need to find the right options through the Gmail user interface. It is reported that Google is also testing transmitting some features of the "Inbox by Gmail" to the Android client, which will add more features to the popular email service.

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